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Darae's Jammin' Jams's cover photo
Darae's Jammin' Jams's cover photo
Our TruShine Gels are absolutely stunning. Get yourself some here:) : darae.jamberrynails.net
Who wants to play a game :)?
St. Patricks/Easter mani. If you haven't tried or even seen Jamberry before these are AMAZING. Check out the brand new spring/summer catalog here: darae.jamberrynails.net
Darae's Jammin' Jams's cover photo
Darae's Jammin' Jams
Is anyone interested in seeing some graphics of the new Jamberry Spring/Summer 2016 Catalog that comes out tomorrow?
Ladies if any of these catch your eye they all dissappear tonight. That's right, tonight these wraps and other products will be gone forever. Get them while you can. Any order made tonight will receive free shipping from me :)

Ummm ladies just an FYI... these will all be gone Feb 29th. Snag them before they're retired forever!
Sister Style for February. Get it while you can!
Who wants to host a party :)?
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Current mani...I'm loving it get your holiday mani here before it's too late!

Every single order placed towards this party from today through Tuesday will make beautiful donations to the Toy For Tots. Who wants to help out with a great cause and get some CHRISTMAS shopping done without having to leave the comfort of your home!!!

Shop here: darae.jamberrynails.net
Alright ladies,
Let's start today off with this!

This beautiful wrap is only available today, the catch you have to spend $50 or more to get this wrap today.

This is the Black Friday Exclusive. ONLY AVAILABLE TODAY on order $50 and up. I know I'm placing an order today.

Who want to see what amazing wraps were brought back for purchase this year!

I'm still looking for some more girls to HOST JAMBERRY BLACK FRIDAY PARTIES!!!

Perfect stocking stuffers, and of course you'll receive hostess rewards!!!

Pm the wraps coming back are so rare and adorable, you don't wanna miss this !!!!
We also do a Black Friday sale too for Jamberry. I really need to find some hostesses for online 5 day Black Friday parties.

Or if you know anyone that will host one please send them my way.

Please comment here or message me you don't wanna miss this!!!
I hope I can get the Jamicure to last FOREVER. I love it ladies, get yourself some cute manis here: darae.jamberrynails.net
Isn't this a great combo. Both the wraps and this lacquer are available on the site. Check them out: darae.jamberrynails.net
Hey Men,

This one is for you!!!

Don't know what to get your girlfriend, fiance, wife for Christmas or need to stuff her stocking?

I have a solution. Does she love to do her nails but you hate waiting for them to dry or even her waiting for them. Give her the gift of Jamberry. We offer gift certificates and all designs imaginable.

You can get her everything she needs to have beautiful nails this year and throughout the next.

Check my site out: darae.jamberrynails.net/shop

Have any questions message me I'll be more then willing to help!!!
Buy beautiful hands here, this is my current mani :)!!!
You ladies ready for BLACK Friday sales. We have them coming right around the corner too. Get your party scheduled before it's too late:)!
I have a special going on right now ladies! Check out the graphic and make your order before Nov 1st.

Next month's Stylebox is so beautiful. I'm having such a hard time choosing. ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL NOV 15TH

Jamberry Tip of the Day: Stylebox!!

Are you a JAMaholic like me? Than you will LOVE Stylebox!

Each month you will receive TWO *Exclusive* Jamberry Nail wrap sheets, plus application tools, and FREE shipping - for only $25 or less! Not only that, but your entire subscription will count toward this party!


Sign up for your Stylebox Subscription here:
Darae's Jammin' Jams
Who wants to book a party in November :)?
This month's Sister's Style, do you like it? View it on my site: darae.jamberrynails.net/shop

Darae's Jammin' Jams's cover photo
Darae's Jammin' Jams
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Ummm ladies these just came out. Buy them at my site though or they won't account for me or you getting free goodies from me. Seriously GLOW IN THE DARK. YOU CAN'T RESIST THESE I'M BUYING SOME RIGHT NOW.

Ghoulish Ghouls available here: https://darae.jamberry.com/product/glowing-ghouls#.VhCCPoHn_qA

All Wrapped Up available here:https://darae.jamberry.com/product/all-wrapped-up#.VhCCeIHn_qA
This month's Sister's Style, do you like it? View it on my site: darae.jamberrynails.net/shop
October 14 through 16th ladies!!

My VIP Facebook group/team will be holding a sneak peek that you can be invited to if you are interested in learning more about the company.

Wanna make some extra income or learn more about it, no obligations just LET ME KNOW if you want to be invited to the group for 3 days for special invite and possible prizes.

Let me know!!!!
Photos from Darae's Jammin' Jams's post

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