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🎉🇺🇸Get ready to celebrate the red, white, and beautiful: four brand new limited edition patriotic shades go live tomorrow!🇺🇸🎉

Broad Stripes + Bright Stars, Fired Up, Star Spangled Sparkle, and Red White & Beautiful will be available for purchase tomorrow, 5/7, at 3 PM CDT.

These four limited edition nail shades are perfect for celebrating all the summer's patriotic holidays by adding nail designs in our national colors to your fingertips.♥️♥️♥️

These are the PERFECT size for your toes
Can you even stand it.
Coming soon.
These are now available. Come on over and grab yours now. Mycolorstreet.Com/staceykaphan
Get the Easter cuteness starting Thursday
These are in last call ladies.
Once they are gone, they won’t be back.
Place your order here. Mycolorstreet.Com/staceykaphan
Buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ FREE!!
Buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ FREE!!
Buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ FREE!!
Buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ FREE!!
Buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ FREE!!
Buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ FREE!!

Much better in person!!!!
Singapore chic...this shade is so underrated!❤️
Help me reach my incentive goal and you could win a very exclusive nail set. Follow directions below.
Cannes-fetti over acrylics on my customer.
Fun girl time!
Love them
🍀These go on sale today🍀
You are going to want to grab the luck of the Irish for sure.

Link is in comments.
Vday mix up😍 Just to give everyone a heads up....I have a problem, I change my Mani every week😂

❤️Whole Latte Love
❤️ Belize Bellini
❤️Rio Red
❤️Sweet Talker
I am in love! Midnight in Manhattan with Cannes-Fetti overlay! 😍💖🖤
Tell me I’m pretty and my nails rock.
I think.. I’m in love 😍

Lust-Embourg over London Calling with Only in Vegas accent ❤️🖤 I have had so many ask about this one. Its amazing
Belize Bellini single layer! 💕🤩
New York Minute with Chateau Marble. It’s practically perfect.
Such a great combo and love it matches nature ❤️⛄️
Ice To Meet You
Aspen Sky
Today, 1/29 at 11 AM CT, we are thrilled to launch our newest Color Street Foundation Strip, Because of the Brave!

Our focus for the month of February is Military and Veteran Appreciation. For each set of Because of the Brave sold from launch through the month of February, $2 will be donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation, which has supported those who have sacrificed to defend our country: veterans, active duty, first responders, and their families.

To date, the Gary Sinise Foundation has built 70 specially adapted smart homes for severely wounded veterans, 100% mortgage-free. We are honored to announce that our donation from the sales of Because of the Brave will contribute to the funds for a home in San Antonio, Texas for the Foundation’s first female home beneficiary, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Tara Hutchinson.

While serving in Iraq in 2006, Tara’s truck was struck by an IED. She sustained a traumatic brain injury and third-degree burns on her left leg, and her right leg was amputated above the knee. In an effort to improve the motor and balance skills affected by her brain injury, Tara took up jewelry design, which quickly turned into a passion, and then into a brilliant business.

Currently, Tara’s home is not suitable for daily life in a wheelchair, nor is it a comfortable work environment for her home-based business. With your help, the Color Street Foundation is thrilled to make a contribution that will help build a new home for Tara, specifically designed for her unique needs.

Because of the Brave will be available for purchase today, 1/29, at 11 AM CT. Thank you for your phenomenal support!
Because of the Brave will launch tomorrow. These are breath taking. Shopping link is in the comments. You may want to grab more than one set. Apply Color Street solids like a pro, plus add a glitter overlay for some extra pizazz!! Here is a little video so you can learn the application of solids. They are a tad bit tricky at first but watch and learn. Not a graphic, but this video has saved multiple customers of mine after they ordered solids & were discouraged!! Color Street offers many types of 100% nail polish strips: solids, glitters, designs and french manicures. Today I share my easy tips on applying Color Stree...
Ok this was a fun one!
I know the pictures are based off the movie characters but I thought the visuals were nice. So since I’ve only ever watched the movie prior to these two recent readings- one of the BIGGEST things that was hard for me to get over was the fact that in the book- Dorothy’s shoes are NOT ruby red sparkly shoes, but were actually silver shoes! There were a couple other differences worth noting. In the movie, it appears as tho she is dreaming this whole land, while in the book- she truly has visited this magical land! Glinda the Good only appears at the end for a short while and in the beginning, Dorothy meets the witch of the north (who never appears in the movie) and who gives her protective kisses! Oz appears as different characters to the group and it’s actually quite scary and vicious in the book 😂. There are some other differences, of course, but the shoes really got me. 😂. I looked it up and found that they changed the slippers to ruby red to take advantage of the new technicolor film processes being used in big budget Hollywood films. Makes sense! More than likely we will read this book a couple more times as the kids love it and of course lucas LOVES that it starts with a tornado. 😂.
OH and the Tin Mans back story in the book is pretty traumatic 😱😱

If you are interested in shopping check out the link in the comments.

I have seen the sets that are in the works!!!
They are amazing, BUT before that, you need to get Valentines nails and then I will release sneak peaks for Patty’s Day.
Grab them here
Ladies, there is still time to grab your sets for Valentines Day!! They are so amazing in person.
I will send you a FREE set from my collection with every buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ free. So that is a total of 5 sets for the price of 3, can you even stand it.
This is so spot on. This is an easy way to help your fellow friends and family that are working the hustle of self employment. Please always help and share.
Just a little Tokyo Lights for the week. They are amazingly sparkly. ❤️❤️
Since everyone is showing first and now pictures. This is how the manicure has evolved. Let me see your manicure today.
You guys, even Valentine sets are buy 3️⃣ get 1️⃣ free.
They are so beautiful.
For a special, I will throw in 2 free sets until the end of this month for every buy 3 get 1, for a total of 6 sets.
You can place order here

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