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[12/10/15]   I am No longer selling Jamberry I have decided spending time with my family is more important right now.
[08/12/15]   I just got a to look at the new 2015 fall catolag and I sure can't wait for it to come out!
[06/30/15]   One major thing I love about Jamberry is that it has 300+ designs.
[03/30/15]   I'm having a party come join and see all the fun! Its a Facebook party so you don't have to get all dressed up you just need you laptop/computer/spartphone and you can be wearing you're PJS. Here's the link to the party.
[03/24/15]   Hey everyone I'm have a party click the link and join the fun!!! :)
[03/11/15]   Let's have a Facebook party!!!!!! Anyone interested comment! :)
[03/06/15]   Hey everyone if you want to place a order just send me a message and let me know because I will have to place the order because the way my website is set up. I will be changing it soon though.
[02/20/15]   Hey girls you should stop wasting your hard earned money (or your husbands hard earned money) on salon manis and pedis, and try theses manis/pedis I am obsessed with. There a lot cheaper!!
[02/15/15]   Who wants to have a party? You can have a Facebook party.
[02/14/15]   Who wants to book a party? Or maybe a fundraiser?
[01/31/15]   ok so a new catalog will be coming out soon and there will be some wraps retiring on March 1, 2014 I will be able to post pictures of what wraps will be retiring this week hopefully. You will not be able to get these wraps after March 1.
[01/31/15]   hey everyone its getting close to valentines day anyone wanting to buy valentine wraps???
[12/20/14]   Anyone want to order a gift card? It's a great stocking stuffer and let's people pick out the design they want on a wrap, or whatever they want from Jamberry. Here's my website again Camo Girls sample request form
[12/01/14]   Here's the link to my launch party if I haven't invited you please join.

Camo Girl's Jamberry Nails