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141 W Calvada Blvd, Pahrump, NV, 89048

Todays. Image Hair and Nail Studio LLC

141 W Calvada Blvd

Pahrump, NV, 89048

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[01/01/21]   All of us at Today’s Image hair and Nail studio would like to wish everyone a happy and Healthy New Year. May next year be filled with love and happiness and most of all NO MASKS!!
Here is to a great New Year. 2021
All of us at Today’s Image hair and nail studio would like to wish all of our Amazing clients A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
We want to thank you for your continued support. It has been a crazy year for all and you all made it bearable.
We truly appreciate all of you. And hope to see you next year!!
Salacious Skin 🧜🏻‍♀️I’m all ready for the craft show Sat and this is what is on the menu!
WHIPPED SUGAR SCRUBS in Apple Sage, Lemon Cake, CoffeeHouse, Candy Apple, Jasmine, Mermaid Bath, Bedtime Bath, Aphrodite, 10 Oaks, Ugly Sweater Weather, Peppermint Blast and Milk & Honey.

SALT SCRUBS in Aphrodite, Mermaid Bath, 10 Oaks, Bedtime Bath, Lemon Cake and
Loads of BIG BUBBLY BAR soaps in every scent as well as JOYFUL HOLIDAY SOAPS!

See you Saturday November 6th at The Salvation Army Center 9-4 🧜🏻‍♀️
Hello Everyone, if your looking for some thing fun to do on Halloween. Come to the salon and get a reading from Amanda Birchwood and if you come in costume she will give you $5 off.
Hey everyone come and join Amanda for your Halloween reading. It’s a perfect way to spend Halloween and the blood moon!!! Give Her a call you won’t be sorry👻💀☠️🤡
[10/06/20]   If anyone interested in a Tarot card reading give us a call.
Amanda has some openings
We are so excited it announce that Amanda Birchwood will be apart of our team at the salon. Give her a call and schedule a reading. She will be working Every Tuesday and next month she will be adding One weekend a month.
Make sure you go see Tawny 🎃Don’t forget Sat October 3rd is the Starving Artist Street Faire!! It is at 1600 Calvada which is down the street from the pass Red Rock going west and you will see us on the right...
I’ll be debuting the Fall Collection of sugar scrubs, bath bombs, soaps and of course these SPOOKY KIDS CAULDRON bath bombs!! 👻
Salacious Skin 🍂 Getting a late start on fall so I’m working like crazy to get ready for this craft show Sat Oct 3rd!!!
What’s on the BATH BOMB menu so far you ask?????
I’ll have some Halloween scents tomorrow....👻
Salacious Skin 🧜🏻‍♀️ THE BEAUTIFUL MERMAIDS ARE BACK!🧜🏻‍♀️
I have four permanent mermaid scents with the SKIN HEALING lotion that everyone loves!
This exceptional lotion is enriched with ANTIOXIDANTS and skin nourishing oils of GRAPE SEED, AVOCADO , JOJOBA and SHEA BUTTER.

SALACIA: Goddess of the Sea.... with notes of fresh ocean air and coastal flowers
ANASTASIA: Soft & Sensual.... with notes of vanilla and sandalwood
URSULLA: Tropical & Exotic.... with notes of fresh coconut and sun ripened mango
SYRAPHINA: Sweet & Spirited.... with notes of sparkling sugar and caramel with a kiss of vanilla

🧜🏻‍♀️ 8oz bottles $12
Salacious Skin 🧜🏻‍♀️FRESH NEW LOOFAH SCENTS!🧜🏻‍♀️
Sugared Blackberry, Blueberry Jam and Revitalizing Rosemary Mint!
Salacious Skin I don’t keep very many permanent scents around, I like to open the door to find out what I’m making on any given day but MERMAID BATH is my #1 seller come rain or shine!!
Fresh, herbal and invigorating with a touch of tropical nectar, I am starting summer with these sand dollar bath bombs that will turn your bath into a TEAL MERMAID LAGOON! 🧜🏻‍♀️

Set of 2 Mermaid Bath Sand Dollar bombs $6
Mermaid Bath Whipped soap/sugar scrub $15
Mermaid Bath salt scrub $15
Mermaid Bath Big Chunk Shell Bar $6
Salacious Skin My new collection is called SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS and smells EXACTLY LIKE your favorite kids cereal! The one that was served up by a VERY NOSY TOUCAN 🤡
When I think of Saturday morning cartoons I think of Fat Albert, from whom I learned many life lessons. So....essentially I received my moral compass from none other than...Bill Cosby 🤣🤣🤣 ‘NUFF SAID.

🍋 Whipped soap/sugar scrub $15
🍊 Big Bubbly Bar $6
Salacious Skin Crazy week but I finally got caught up on all the CHILL PILL orders. Oh my goodness I need a Chill Pill on ice right now!! Also restocked the COFFEE HOUSE Collection because that one went too fast...
Working on new SUMMER STUFF for the next couple weeks!! I love summer scents!! I am so excited I could throw up sunshine!! 🤮 ☀️

☕️ Coffeehouse Whipped Soap/Sugar Scrub $15
☕️ Coffeehouse loofah/masssage Bar $6.50
Back To Work Please watch! This is the new guidelines for the reopening of the salon The Nevada State Board Of Cosmetology's suggestions on what to do when returning to work after the Governor's executive order is lifted. Visit fo...
Salacious Skin 🏝 Transform your shower into a tropical waterfall with CHILL PILL scented Whipped Soap/Sugar Scrub. My scrubs cleanse, moisturize with AVOCADO BUTTER and ALMOND OIL and exfoliate with fine sugar....the scent of coconut milk and tropical fruits will take you to the least while you scrub!
These Big Chunk shell soaps fit right into your hand....
🌴 Whipped Soap/Sugar Scrub $15
🌴 Big Chunk Shell Soap $6
☀️ Drop & Dash Thursday! ☀️
[05/03/20]   This is a question to our clients.
The State board of cosmetology is recommending that all hair salons discontinue use of blow dryers and Facial steamers. Do you think we are moving to fast for our opening or is this something you can live with? I am not happy sending people out wet but is it worth getting your color and perm and not having it styled?
This is a first draft of their recommendations. I am hoping this changes before we open our doors.
I am interested in hearing what you think.
[05/03/20]   Good morning everyone!

Could I ask all today’s Image client to text your Email address or home address to your operator. We have to send out information regarding the new guidelines for the opening of the salon. You could also text it to the salon number if you don’t have your operators personal sell number. Please don’t Use messenger for this!
Thank you for your help! Things are going to be different and I want make sure everyone is aware of the changes!!
Thank you and We hope to see you soon
[04/30/20]   Dear Valued clients
We have missed you!
Until further notice, in order to provide services, we request your patience and understanding with the following practices so that our salon may reopen.

All appointments will be booked with distance between clients as to adhere to the guidelines of no more than 10 people in a room.

We may ask that you stay in your car until we exit our last clients.
Try not to come in early for your appointment.

We will all be wearing masks and we ask that you also wear one for your service.

The salon will be cleaned every morning before we open and in between
services so we will be booking time in between each service to allow for this.
We will have hand sanitizers, soap for your use throughout the salon.

The public area will be free of the coffee maker, water dispenser, candy dish and Magazines.

We ask that you come alone to your service. If you are not getting aservice we ask that you stay home.
We ask that you leave your children at home.

We ask that if you are not feeling well that you please reschedule your appointments. We will also be staying home if we are feeling sick.

While we won’t be able to shake your hand or give a hug( for now).
Please know how pleased we are to welcome you back.

This is such a challenging time for everyone but I know that we will get through this.
We look forward to seeing everyone
Much appreciation from all of us at
Today’s Image hair and nail Studio!
[04/30/20]   Good morning!
Well as most of you know today should have been the last day of our closure but that date as been move AGAIN to May 15. Or later.
All of us at the salon miss you all and hope to be able to see you real soon!
Unfortunately when we do open there will be a lot of changes. Which I think we are all willing to do if they just give us a chance.
I will be posting a list of some of the restrictions required for us to open and to be able to service you all!!
Stay safe and hopefully in a few weeks we will all be together again❤️❤️❤️
[04/01/20]   Hello Everyone.
Well the news came down today that we will be closed until at least the 30 of April.
I hope after all this we all come out of it with just some long hair and our natural hair color.
And we can say good by to Covid 19
Stay well and stay in touch♥️♥️♥️
Salacious Skin Restock of Raspberry Truffle whipped soap/sugar scrub!!
Peggy Bates, rest assured this is always ready for you at a moments notice!
Available in:
🌺 Whipped Soap/Sugar scrub $15
🌸 Nourishing Salt Scrub $15
🌺 Big Bubbly Bar Soap $6
🌸 Siren Soak $12
Salacious Skin When I looked outside today I thought...”I HAVE A SCENT FOR THIS!!” It’s called BEAUTIFUL DAY and if you want to know how this fragrance feels just step outside RIGHT NOW!!! It’s cerulean blue skies, white clouds and a kiss of sun! This scent is absolutely FREEING!!!!!
☀️It’s the scent of sliced apples, ripe pear, wildflowers and woods ☀️
☀️ I’ve made it in Whipped Sugar Scrubs $15
☀️And Big Bubbly Bar Soaps $6
Salacious Skin Well if you are stuck at home now you have the time to SOAK IN THE TUB with a COCKTAIL!! I made some adult beverage bath bombs so you can do just that...
Berry Wine, Margarita, Grapefruit Bellini, Bourbon Butterscotch and Boozy Vanilla!
Shop is closed but Drop and Dash is Thursday! I take PayPal, Venmo, credit/debit or cash!💰
*$25 minimum for Drop and Dash!!*
Text or message if you want more info on scents available for soaps, sugar and salt scrubs!
Salacious Skin Kids driving you Cray Cray?? Toss them in the bath with a bomb from my new kids line! These scents are SO FUN!
Monkey’n Around is a hilarious smell it and just giggle I’s banana, bubble gum, strawberry and a splash of vanilla...
$4 each or 3 for $10
Get your order in for Drop and Dash Thursday! $25 minimum and I deliver to your door!
Salacious Skin THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who supported Drop & Dash last week! That was AWESOME!!!
Also THANK YOU to those that dashed into the shop yesterday to get services and product before the deadline!! I appreciate it so much!!!!
Working on some special orders this week of Bedtime Bath and Candy Apple sugar scrubs!!
[03/21/20]   Good morning everyone,
We closed the Salon Friday due to COVID 19. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we will be back open hopefully April 16.
If you have appointments booked before that date you will be contacted by your operator to reschedule when we reopen.
This is a hard time for everyone but we hope everyone gets through this without any contact with the Virus.
Stay well and we will see you all soon
Much love and gratitude
DeAnna, Glenda, Natalie, Taylor, Michealla, Tawny, Heather and Cassandra.
[03/16/20]   Those of us at Today’s Image hair and nail studio know that this is a very difficult time for everyone.
With places closing we want to assure you that we will be staying open and we are doing everything we can to make a safe place for you to come in to.
We have always prided ourselves on the cleanliness of our salon and that will continue.
Our Staff is also cautious of the current situation but we will continue to serve you.
We appreciate your patronage and your loyalty to our salon and staff.
If you are feeling sick and need to cancel we understand and encourage it.
Thank you and stay well
Salacious Skin Need bath bombs, soaps or scrubs but don’t want to leave the house? Introducing....DROP AND DASH! I will bring your products to your doorstep and you don’t even have to open the door! You can pay over the phone or leave cash outside...
Message me or text 775-751-9922 for a list of available scents!
I’ll be delivering THIS THURSDAY the 19th so get your order in!
*$25 minimum*
Salacious Skin 🚨 ALERT!!! 🚨 EMERGENCY!! 🚨
Get down to the Valentines gift show at the Nye County Coalition!!!
Salacious Skin Ooh La La!!!
A little sneak peek of the VALENTINES COLLECTION ❤️😈❤️
You can see it first tomorrow night at Crossfit Landmine at 5:00!! Come down for a FREE workout and....WINE TASTING from Artesian Cellars...our NEW LOCAL WINE TASTING BAR 😱🍷😱
We have Beautiful wreaths for sale.
If you are looking something to put on your door. $35 each
Come get those Christmas Gifts Lots of fresh Big Bubbly Bar soaps!
Cranberry, Mermaid Bath, Bedtime Bath, 10 Oaks, Jasmine and Caramel Coffee!
Come on in Taylor has openings
Happy Halloween everyone

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