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Gel manicure on natural nails
The ring finger nail is my interpretation of the turquoise stone. What do you think? Did I NAIL it?
Really excited about this extra long full set of stiletto nails. What do you guys think?
Nothing like showing off new pretty nails!
[05/08/20]   We have gotten the green light from the Governor to reopen. However, there are some rules and guidelines.

1. I will be wearing a face mask as required. It has been recommended that you the client wear one as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide masks at this time.

2. Please, come to the salon by yourself. This is a requirement to keep the number of people in the salon down. If you bring someone they may be asked to wait outside.

3. Please do NOT come early to your appointment unless called. If you do come early you may need to wait outside. There is extra sanitization involved now so I will be scheduling extra time between clients.

4. They are suggesting that if you want multiple services to split them up in several days to limit your potential exposure. However I will leave that up to you.

As before we are asking you to wash your hands upon entering the salon. Please, if you are sick at all, please, please, reschedule. If you choose to come in ill service will be denied.

I cant wait to see you all!
Nevada State Board of Cosmetology There is no established date for businesses that deliver hair, nail, and skin care services to reopen. LEAP, Governor Sisolak, and the Medical Advisory Team (MAT) will review data provided from the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology to determine if the statewide criteria are met in order for a phased opening to occur.

Our offices are still working diligently to offer as much information as possible. As soon as we know we will share via our website, email communication, and all social media outlets. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
[04/28/20]   Friends, today we recieved word from the Cosmetology Board that we are NOT reopening on May 1st. We currently have no hard date to return to work. We are to remain closed while we go through the phases of Governor Sisolak's opening plan.

I am very sorry. I know many of you were looking forward to getting your nails done. If you are having a challenge with your nails feel free to call and I will do my best to help you over the phone.

I will not be working from my home or doing house calls. Besides the great risk to the health of everyone involved they are levying fines and permanently revoking our license to work in the State of Nevada if we do. Please, understand that I want to work just as badly as you want a service. However, it is not worth the risk.

Once we are able to reopen I will expand my hours to get everyone seen as quickly as possible. Until then, please, be safe. I want to see you all again.

[04/01/20]   Ladies, and Gentlemen, I regret to inform you Governor Sisolak has extended the nonessential business shut down until April 30th. This means I will be closed in observance of this Emergency order until then. I will reopen as soon as the Governor gives us the green light.

Please, stay safe, stay home.
Wash wash wash those hands

[03/22/20]   Hey friends! While we are STAYING HOME FOR NEVADA some of you might start having challenges with your nails. So I'm going to tell you how to take acrylics and gel polish of safely.
1. Grab 100% pure acetone.... regular nail polish remover is not strong enough. (They sell it at Walmart, Home Depot, etc)
2. Pour some in a glass or ceramic dish (acetone eats plastic)
3. Soak. It's going to take a little bit. 20 - 30 minutes at least
4. Gently scrape off the acrylic/gel polish. Be careful not to force it off. Soak more if you need to.
* if you are wearing gel polish you can file the top clear coat to help it come off. Just be careful not to file your nail plate.
** if you have questions call me and I will talk you through it

Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands and use social distancing, please!

Hope to see you soon!

Latest release from the Cosmetology Board.
[03/18/20]   To All my cosmologist and nail tech friends,

I know some of you are thinking of working from home or going to your client's home. Or just staying open because your county isnt enforcing the shut down.... YET. I'm asking you to reconsider. All it takes is 1 person for you to catch the virus.... just 1 and they might not be showing signs of infection yet. If you catch the virus you will spread it to each of your clients.... as well as your family..... and you dont even have to be showing symptoms yet to spread it.

Believe me I know exactly how hard this shut down is going to effect us. I have no other income stream. No other way to pay my bills. BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS COULD YOU HANDLE KILLING SOMEONE? It's that serious. If you dont interrupt your grind you could be the reason someone contracts this virus and dies. It's not worth it.

Please, consider the true cost of continuing to service people. It could cost your life or the life of a loved one.

#pleaseshutdown , #notworththerisk , #protectyourself , #protectothers
[03/18/20]   Governor Sisolak has just closed down all beauty salons for the next 30 days. At 30 days they will consider giving us the green light to reopen. Therefore, all services are canceled. I'm sorry. I will miss you during the closure. I will update you when we are back in business. Until then stay safe.... stay home....

Thank you,
In effort to keep our clients healthy we are asking everyone to wash their hands when you come in.
Despite the Pahrump Rumor train chugging along I am still at High Desert Hair Design at 2271N Barney. High Desert Hair Design is a fully licensed salon that has been in Pahrump for 24 years.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions you can still contact me at 775-513-9508

Thank you,
Suzanne Fairchild 💅🏻

Adventures in Manicuring

[08/20/19]   Ladies and Gentlemen I am at a new location! I am now at High Desert Hair Design at 2271 N. Barney. It's the blue building between Mesquite and Bell Vista
Adventures in Manicuring

Zebra print nails with holo powder
I really love the ways this set turned out ❤
Bella Salon & Beauty Bar Bella Salon will be raffling 3 of these decorative Christmas lampposts to raise money for the Bringing Light To Dark Places giving campaign being held at Fidelis Christian Church.

Fidelis is partnering with Pahrump Family Resource Center, and will be turning over all of the donations on Christmas Eve!

This giving campaign will serve our neighbors by helping with prepaid electric expenses and with case management to help them budget and plan for future expenses.

Valley Electric has joined in the campaign by agreeing to match up to $500 in donations.

Make your dollars worth more - give now!
Bella Salon where I'm located at, has been nominated for best salon in Pahrump! Please, take a moment to vote at

We go R.E.D. every Friday to show our love and support of everyone deployed and their loved ones. Remember Everyone Deployed.
Are you ready for some football?

There is no competition when Ravenclaw is rocking these nails!!
I borrowed a new nail powder. What do you guys think? Should I get some?
Slytherin just may take the House Cup with these nails!

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