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Thank you Chante Bradley-Acereel Ceo for this Exclusive on Babydoll Beauty Couture ❤️❤️❤️ pick up your copy of this wonderful magazine now!! Inside the salon!! Smooches Movement #share💋
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My Name is Jamie Lopez CEO of Babydoll Beauty Couture Salon in Las Vegas Nevada. We are the World’s First Full Service Salon that Celebrates Body Positivity and accommodates woman with disabilities and low self esteem .our chairs are fully equipped to support 800lbs pounds .I started my business in 2013 and was motivated to do so when I went to a salon to get my hair done I sat down to greet my stylist and the chair loudly broke ... talk about a humiliating experience!! And I’ve been to many nail shops who turn me down because there chairs can’t accommodate my weight!! . I decided to Make a change for the greater good!! and Babydoll Beauty Couture was born!! . I have been a big girl my entire life and I have always been extremely confident!! I was prom queen class of 2003 ! I most definitely am bullied all the time !! people hate that I’m confident , people hate that I love Myself people hate you don’t care about what they think and if they can’t attack Your confidence they started attacking my business !!! In 2018 we were vandalized really badly!!they cut up our air conditioners they Smeared poop on my salon windows I received death threats in the mail it was out of control!! It gets really intense! but I let it roll off my shoulder and I keep my positive attitude because I know I’m doing gods work !that’s why he continues to bless me! This makes me feel very sad because the world is such a cold place but I still try to continue to keep a positive attitude! The fact that I was being bullied for creating a safe space for plus size women and women of all sizes to feel beautiful put me in a really dark to place .I found myself going in and out of depression self-doubt wondering if I was doing the right things because it was affecting my life in a negative fashion... but then I received emails from people who appreciate everything that I’ve done and everything makes sense! makes me feel 100% better and they definitely are my angels and keep me going!! I have definitely overcome any hate that the beauty industry has tried to place on me being a cover model over 500 pounds broke world records!! Daily steps that I take towards self love and care include daily affirmations of positivity knowing my worth and not settling for anything less than I deserve no matter what size I am!! My Business means everything to me!!! It is like my Baby and it takes number one priority in my life it is affecting millions all over the world and given women a safe place to get glamorous beautiful and pampered I have women men teenagers write me from all over the world thanking me for creating such a wonderful establishment and they want to come to Las Vegas just to get pampered it is actually become like a Las Vegas landmark and I couldn’t be more proud that I took the risk and created such a beautiful environment that promotes nothing but positivity beauty and love!! Beauty to me is on the inside first and foremost!! It is self love and a kind loving heart beauty is love beauty is strength and most important confidence. I would like to thank all the fans and supporters for believing in me and keeping me going on my hardest days!! This business was made for you!! And without you I’d be nothing thank you xoxo JLo 💋 #share #support #thankyou #thebabydolls

Babydoll Beauty Couture
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