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elysium-salon.square.site You can view our availability, services offered and book appointments in a matter of seconds through our website ☺️

https://elysium-salon.square.site elysium-salon.square.site
[12/18/20]   Kimmy still has a handful of openings next Tuesday and Wednesday for nails! Last chance before Christmas 😉🎄🎅
We are fully stocked on new gift certificates🤗
Between now and 12/22, purchase a gift certificate and receive an entry for a chance to win a Maria Nila Holiday Bundle!
elysium-salon.square.site In an effort to handle making appointments more efficiently, we would like to share our updated booking site✨

You will now be able to see availability instantly, instead of the back and forth conversations that could sometimes take days 😜

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We appreciate your unwavering support through this crazy year and look forward to your next visit ☺️❤️

https://elysium-salon.square.site/?fbclid=IwAR1pNoIL_chsepX_9KwWuONbCjHMtjNO08yKM18Bf8t_rKGpq0eieal3Vq elysium-salon.square.site
Amber is ready to start providing lash extension services here at Elysium! Be on the lookout for her first openings 🤗 Super exciting!!
square.site Elysium Salon in Ely, NV The back to school rush has begun!

Please take advantage of our online booking system, where you will be able to see our availability for the service you desire. Leave a note to share details of what you are looking for, or are unsure of the process you will need. We will approve your appointment, or deny and message you for further details.

If you have questions, please ask! ☺️
https://square.site/book/FZV03H3V25B4C/elysium-salon-ely-nv square.site We are a full service salon offering our clients a warm, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Elysium is designed with our client’s comfort in mind. We firmly ...

Elysium Salon

We are back!

Currently working toward catching up on appointments that were pushed back during the stay at home order. We hope to start taking new appointments June 1st. If you had an existing appointment that was missed, we are working on contacting you as we work through our March schedule.

Thanks for your support and patience!!! 🤷‍♀️
Our New Rules and Guidelines are very important at this time, PLEASE READ COMPLETELY....

*We will be scheduling everyone as quickly as possible, starting first with those that had previous appointments that had to be skipped. PLEASE BE PATIENT😊 It may be afew weeks before we’re are able to take appointments for those that didn’t have one already booked during the shutdown. ***We will announce when we are able to start taking calls for new appointments. If you did not have a previous appointment that you missed, please wait for this announcement, calls and messages will not get you in any sooner!***

*At your appointment time, please remain in your vehicle until we text/call you to come into the salon. Do not let yourself into the building. There will NOT be a waiting area. Keep in mind that service times may take longer due to extensive sanitation between each client.

*Upon entering the salon you MUST wear a mask 😷 (please be prepared with your own mask). We will not be able to perform a service on anyone without one.

*We ask that you go straight to the sink and wash your hands with soap and warm water before you sit down for your appointment.

*Please do not bring extra people 🥴 (family, friends, children) to your appointment at this time! We have to limit the number of people in the salon.

*Please leave extra belongings in your vehicle. Only bring minimal items with you: phone, wallet, keys... just those three things please 😉

*Unless necessary for the service, we will not be offering blow drys. We know this is one of the best parts of the service, but during this time it is strongly recommended to skip. We look forward to when we are back in full swing and can provide you with the exceptional styling services we are use to providing!

*Pricing of services will be changing due to increase in supply cost and decrease in appointments we are able to take. Check with your Stylist/Tech prior to your appointment for prices. Deposits of 50% will also be required while we are navigating these uncertain times.


*you have been/are sick in any way! If you come in sick we will ask you to leave.

*anyone in your household has been sick!

*you have traveled to any metropolitan area. Please reschedule after 2 weeks for the safety of everyone!

****PLEASE give us a 24 hour notice to reschedule your appointment! Failure to let us know will result in forfeiting your deposit***

Thank you for your patience while we figure out the new normal of salon services. We appreciate all of you and can’t wait to see your beautiful faces 🥰

-The Elysium Team

(Old photo, we are not yet working)
[05/09/20]   eGift Cards are available!

Link in comments
[05/07/20]   Good Afternoon!

We are working on a plan to reopen, but do not have a definite date as of yet. We have quite afew problems to solve before rushing back into the salon (childcare/school, change in our available hours, PPE, prepping the salon to maintain a 6ft distance, working out new operations and pricing with increased costs in supplies). The State Board of Cosmetology has also issued new guidelines that we will need to study, your service could require you to come in with washed hair and leave without it being dried.

We will not be booking appointments until we know we can provide safe services for our clients and also ways to balance our changed home life.

We hope you can be patient with us while we breathe and make sense of the next step forward ❤️

(If you’d like to comment here with appointment requests, please leave the name of the service provider, flexibility in appointment time and desired service. This will be the easiest way for us to track. We still have to reschedule those with canceled appointments due to the shut down first, we will contact you! Please do not message/text us personally at this time, we will let you know when we can take appointments like normal ☺️)
[04/22/20]   Hope all of you are well, we sure do miss you!

From the looks of it, we don’t think we will be allowed to reopen on May 1st, please continue to follow our states status and know that we will most likely find out at the same time.

#waitforus ❤️
[04/14/20]   Hey friends!

We know everyone is growing desperate with their hair and nail needs, but please do not ask us to do yours.

We will not risk our licenses, loosing money to citations, or possibly bringing the virus home to our families, even if you won’t tell anyone. Beauty is not a priority right now guys. This is why they shut us down to begin with, because 90% of people won’t stay home when it comes to beauty services.

Please be mindful of how your requests may make this more difficult for us. Each one is a reminder of the awful situation we are in and leaves us feeling guilt when it is out of our control.

We love and appreciate you all, fingers crossed this will be over soon ❤️
Just going to leave this here...

We miss all of you and are anxious for the green light to open our doors!! 🤣😆😁 IT'S FUNNY CAUSE IT'S TRUE! #btcLAUGHBLAST via @darien_grrr_303 Behindthechair.com
Thank you to those that have been extra supportive to us today, we appreciate each and every one of you ❤️
squareup.com Order Elysium Salon eGift Cards If you’d like to purchase gift cards to use when we open, here is a digital link ❤️

Please specify to which employee in the notes 🙂

https://squareup.com/gift/BK3WGSG16K970/order squareup.com Order Elysium Salon eGift Cards online and give the perfect gift. Send gift cards instantly to anyone. Powered by Square Gift Cards
Elysium Salon Stop by before 12:00 and stock up 20% off all retail today!

These purchases will cushion us for any amount of time that we may be extended beyond 30 days.

Closing at 12:00!
20% off all retail today!

These purchases will cushion us for any amount of time that we may be extended beyond 30 days.

Closing at 12:00!
To my Elysium family🖤

See you on the flip side. Please don’t forget to support small businesses when we all resume normality.
Just a couple details of salon operations we’d like to add after having worked today. Hopeful normal life will resume soon 🤞

Please, please call us if you are unable to come in. We would like to plan accordingly☺️
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Important Information, please read:
Want to say thank you to those that have been leaving us reviews here and on Google! We appreciate the feedback SO much! ☺️
square.site Elysium Salon in Ely, NV Check out our site for pricing and availability! You can even request to reschedule online 😊

https://square.site/book/FZV03H3V25B4C/elysium-salon-ely-nv square.site We are a full service salon offering our clients a warm, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Elysium is designed with our client’s comfort in mind. We firmly ...
Amanda Nault, BCMT, NVMT Availability March 2nd to March 6th:

Monday, March 2nd: 2:30pm

Tuesday, March 3rd: EUREKA: 4:00pm for 60 minutes available

Wednesday, March 4th: currently available any time between noon and 5

Thursday, March 5th: 2:45pm, 4:15pm

Friday, March 6th: available noon to 3pm

Saturday March 7th and Sunday, March 8th I will be out of town.
It may not seem like a big deal to not show up, but we have a wait list and people hoping to get in.

Please call us if you have a change in plans! We are more than happy to reschedule your appointment ☺️
Hi, your old friend Michael here!! I'm going to be visiting Ely for the holiday this month, and I'd love to do some hair while I'm in town. I'll be available at the shop on the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th of December, so book your appointments now! 👍🏼😁 559-412-0238
Amanda Nault is a Board Certified Massage Therapist on the national level through the NCBTMB and a member of the AMTA Nevada chapter as well as a Nevada licensed Massage Therapist. Amanda has been a Massage Therapist and has run her own practice since August of 2012. She graduated from Minnesota State technical college in Wadena, MN in 2012, and then went on to earn her Physical Therapist Assistant degree from Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN in the spring of 2014. Amanda specializes in Deep Tissue massage and myofascial work and incorporates her knowledge of kinesiology and biomechanics into the work she does. Amanda also excels at relaxation techniques and aromatherapy. In her free time, Amanda enjoys being outdoors, spending time in the gym, and experimenting with new cooking recipes at home.
Amanda Nault, BCMT, NVMT We are excited to welcome Amanda to our Elysium family!
Please give her page a like if you’d like to be updated with her schedule ☺️ Wednesday, December 4th to Saturday, December 7th I still have plenty of openings. 

From there, I just have December 11th and 12th, and then nothing again until noon on Wednesday the 18th.

I will also be in my new location beginning next week at Elysium Salon in downtown Ely.
Today is my last day here! I'd like to take a second to say Thank you to everyone so very much for all of your support, and for making me feel so welcome here in Ely. I will never ever forget all of the people I've met here in the salon, and I will never forget the kindness that was shown to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart 👍🏼😁💕 -Michael
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The shop will be closed 4/20-4/26, for a much needed break with our families and friends ☺️ See you in May!
Shaye Natoli - Licensed Massage Therapist

Shaye is a new member of our White Pine County Community, and also Elysium Salon. She completed her education at the Utah Collage of Massage Therapy, and has been practicing for 17 years. She specializes in relaxation massage and loves making the service all about the client.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Shaye, please contact her at (208)339-4165

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