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Hollywood Nails SLC
Hollywood Nails SLC
After this isolation, Cosmetologists & Nail Technicians (I am) will BE "The Front Line" of humanity. 💅😎😊
A writer from the local paper came and sat in my Compassion Ministries chair. We read, we chatted and she even took photos 📸. Very exciting! 😊 It was a good event. A lot of marketing & mingling with some really fine folks. Can't wait to participate in next month's event! 👍💅💍💒
I've got all my Nail Polishes ready to go for tomorrow's MiNi Manicures 💅, PLuS:
TaRoT ReaDiNGs & TaRoT CarD sales, Jewelry, Crystals, Stones & MoRe! See YoU there! 😊
[11/06/19]   Surprise surprise! Compassion Ministries, Hollywood Weddings & Events & Hollywood Nails next event is this Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at the Battle Mountain Civic Center. Who knew? Now we all do!💅🔮💍💒

My practice studio. 💅
Yeah baby, YeaH! 💅
A little BLooD SPLaTTeR never hurt anyone, did it? 😜 Muaha ha ha ha 🎃💀
* Working hard to get this train rolling. 🚉 VeRY SooN. 😊😎
[09/17/19]   Working to figure out how to change my page's name to Hollywood Nails Nevada, but so far I've not been successful. 🙄🤔
[07/18/19]   I'm working on it...
NeVaDa 💅
📌 Tina Eck in a beautiful CusToM acrylic & Light Elegance Nail Products (Purple Rose hard gel) full tip set. Oh so GLaMoRouS, BaBy! HoLLyWooD STyLe! 💅💯%✔
Emanita Tuitupou Blair BeFoRe & AfTeR...
An acrylic overlay sculpted fill topped with my custom gelish UV gel color blend created right before her eyes ~ SeXy & oh so "GLaMoRouS, BaBy!" 💅 😊 😎
With Jessa putting on a glittery custom Full Set... YaY!
"HoLLyWooD NaiLs NeVaDa" (775) 340~3003 💅
💅GLaMoRouS, BaBy! 💅
[09/28/17]   With Jessa putting on a glittery custom Full Set... YaY! GLaMoRouS, BaBy! 💅
⭐ SimpLy irresistible! 💅
📢 CaLL or TexT Susan @ (385) 210~7635 to BooK YouR AppointmenT ToDaY! 💋 GLaMoRouS, BaBy! 😎
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Dixie Letts in her new Christmas Set! Ho Ho Ho! 💅 🎁🎋⛄🎄💅
(385) 210-7635 Call or TexT
Appointments are available!
Halloween Light Elegance UV Hard Gel CUSTOM Designer FuLL SeT! Witchy! 👻🎃👻🎃
[10/16/16]   Halloween hard gel custom designer full set on Rachael... Booking! 👻🎃
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Laura in her new acrylic full set in glitter nude & gold accent glitter tip lines topped with UV Gel Top Gloss. Glamorous, baby! 💅

HaPpY NaiLs! 💅
(385) 210~7635
Hollywood Nails SLC's cover photo
330 East 700 South
Bldg. L 2nd Floor #210
Salt Lake City, UT. 84111
🌟 By Appointment Only 🌟
💅 We're BacK iN BuSiNeSS! 💅
🎬 HoLLyWooD STyLe SLC! 🎥
🌟 "GLaMoRouS, BaBy!" 🌠
CaLL ~ TexT (385) 210 ~ 7635
How do you know if you're in need of a backfill? And, what IS a back~Fill, anyway?
Right? RIGHT! 💅
Here goes!..
A Back~ Fill is re-filling both the cuticle area and the top nail growth (where the white NeW nail tip growth is showing beneath your acrylic)

Aditionally, a Back-Fillill also allows for a nail tip color and/or style change as well.

*Regular AcryLic FiLL ~ $18.00
*BacK~FiLL ~ $35.00

** NeW CLienTs!! Receive 10% OFF of your 1st Appointments total due!
WooT WooT! 💅

YoU ready? GooD! Why not Schedule YOUR Appointment NOW!

Simply Call or Text me @
(385) 210~7635, or, if you'd prefer, send me a Facebook message instead! OK! I'm ready so...
"Come & see me!"
💄GLaMoRouS, BaBy! 💅
330 E 700 So.
Bldg. L. ~ 2nd Floor #210

Parking's available both on 700 S. & in the complex's back lot behind my building in any available un-numbered space.
Appointments are available Thursday through Sunday from 11:00 to 8:00.
Amber Goodman in her NeW Full acrylic Bridal Set in 3D Holographic white with blue glitter heart imprints, UV gel sealer top gloss & gelish blue UV Gel polish topped with Vegas Nights 3D Holographic Glitter Clear, and Top iT Off gelish finishing sealer ~ Whew! Glamorous, baby! She does! She does!! 💒🌹💅💍🎩
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Timeline Photos
PreTTy ~ 💅

Hollywood Nails SLC

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